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Colorado Garden and Home Show

 Town and Country Landscaping has had several years of success at the the

Colorado Garden and Home Show. 

With the help of some donors and the blood, sweat, and tears of our team we have created

extraordinary and award winning exibits!


2005 - The Statuary Garden:

Winner of "People's Choice" award!  Integration of some really creative and eclectic pieces from local artist at 23rd Ave Steel Art Studio and a water feature 25' wide!

2006 - Tuscan Villa Entry Garden


A garden for the gods! Classical marble sculpture paired with the best Colorado has to offer in stone and flora produced the first of many many feature Entry Gardens to come!

2007 Dinosaurs In Your Backyard

Dinosaurs, tropicals, volcanos... attendendees were transported back millions of years to a time when beasts roamed the Colorado landscape

2008 Enchanted GardenFairies, goblins, giant mushrooms and mystical creatures filled the Entry garden


2009 - Secret Garden of Pirate's Cove

A pirate ship sailed into the convention center, and loaded up a treasure trove of blooming trees and flowers!

2010 - Ice Age

Back in time we go again!  Snow and ice give way to the sights and smells of a coming spring!

2011 - Underwater Adventure

It's amazing how similary the colors above and below the sea are the same!

2012 - Balloons and Butterflies

The Convention Center sky is filled with ballon clouds, blooming giant flowers, and a butterfly migration!


2013 Flowers in Flight

A collaborative effort with Wings over the Rockies Museum showcasing some of their planes and our creative landscaping

2014 - Wild Africa!

Join us at the 2014 55th Annual Colorao Garden and Home show for the beast - we mean best! - garden yet!  February 15-23rd - contact us for $2 off  coupons!


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Topic Title

It's still winter...3 things you can do right now to get a head start on your spring landscaping:

  • Winter Watering:  There are plenty of warmer days in the Colorado Winter, and plants would appreciate a drink!  Any day over 40 degrees with no snow pack, give your plants, trees, and even grass a good watering.  Just remember to get the water out of your hose before putting it away!
  • Spring cleaning:Even the outdoors need a little freshen up now and then! Rock beds collect dust and seeds over the fall and winter, which can lead to a hotbed of weeds once the weather starts to warm up! On those nice days in March and April when it is too early to put any plants in the ground, but you feel like you just need to do something outside, take a hose and power wash your rock and cobble beds to rinse all that winter dirt and grime out of there! For your mulch beds, take a small rake or garden hoe and "turn" or "fluff" your existing mulch. Can you see bare soil or landscape fabric? If yes, it's time to add some.
  • Spring fertilizing: Adding an early spring application of organic fertilizers and preemergents like corn gluten are a great way to get a head start on a beautifully green lawn. Your spring fertilizer and preemergent weed control should be applied prior to April 1, so watch the weather and don't be afraid to take advantage of those heavy wet snows to help "water" it in!

Looking for a low cost, big impact for your landscaping this year? 

Lighting is the way to go!