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Getting started with your new landscape is easy!

Setting the Appointment

The best way to get started is to set up an apointment with one of our design professionals to talk about your needs while looking at your existing landscape. This usually takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how much there is to discuss!

The Planning Phase

After your consultation, your design professional will create an estimate for the ideas you discussed.  Sometimes this will include a sketch* to illustrate landscape plans,  We will always make sure that all parties share the same vision for your projects!


Consider us your Exterior Design Professionals!  We work with you one on one in determining material choices, plant selections, and layout to give your yard the look and feel that is a true reflection of you!




We work on one project at a time, and schedule projects on a first come-first serve basis through the season, and give our undivided atttention to eaxh one!  If you feel you are ready to move ahead with your plans, let us know!!

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Topic Title

It's still winter...3 things you can do right now to get a head start on your spring landscaping:

  • Winter Watering:  There are plenty of warmer days in the Colorado Winter, and plants would appreciate a drink!  Any day over 40 degrees with no snow pack, give your plants, trees, and even grass a good watering.  Just remember to get the water out of your hose before putting it away!
  • Spring cleaning:Even the outdoors need a little freshen up now and then! Rock beds collect dust and seeds over the fall and winter, which can lead to a hotbed of weeds once the weather starts to warm up! On those nice days in March and April when it is too early to put any plants in the ground, but you feel like you just need to do something outside, take a hose and power wash your rock and cobble beds to rinse all that winter dirt and grime out of there! For your mulch beds, take a small rake or garden hoe and "turn" or "fluff" your existing mulch. Can you see bare soil or landscape fabric? If yes, it's time to add some.
  • Spring fertilizing: Adding an early spring application of organic fertilizers and preemergents like corn gluten are a great way to get a head start on a beautifully green lawn. Your spring fertilizer and preemergent weed control should be applied prior to April 1, so watch the weather and don't be afraid to take advantage of those heavy wet snows to help "water" it in!

Looking for a low cost, big impact for your landscaping this year? 

Lighting is the way to go!